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To many in the family law community, Governor Scott's veto of the alimony and parenting bill came as a surprise. While most agree some reform is necessary for parenting and certainly for alimony, the vast majority of family law attorney's did not believe either bill was the answer. What is clear, Judges continue to retain discretion and the bills (both of them) will be back next year!


Alimony bill and equal parenting 

The bill establishing equal parenting as the presumptive parenting arrangement in the State of Florida has been attached to the bill eliminating permanent alimony. According to those familiar with the votes, both bills will pass easily and only the governor could stop them now. Whether you agree or disagree, these bills will dramatically change family law and the litigation process.


End of alimony?

Seems the Florida legislature is serious about reforming alimony and one bill is even calling an end to permanent alimony. While the session has just started it appear he desire to completely redefine alimony is well on the way to passage. Stay tuned for the rest of the session!